Zappiti Skin for Dune HD Player (V2.0)

To take advantage of Zappiti GUI on your Dune HD Media Player, we offer a Zappiti SKIN designed by HD LAND to take place instead default Dune GUI. The interface includes the visual aspect of the Zappiti design guidelines. With this Skin, there will be no significant differences between the Zappiti GUI and your Dune HD Media Player interface.

Skin Zappiti Dune HD


Installation process (need optional System Storage)*

1. Download the following file :
Skin Zappiti Classic
Skin Zappiti Silver

2. Copy and past the .zip file on a Flash Memory.

3. Insert the Flash Memory in a Dune USD port.

4. On the Dune interface, select the Flash memory, explore it and click on the .zip file by using OK RC button.

5. On the popup, press OK.

Validation zappiti skin

6. Wait ten seconds and enjoy your new Zappit GUI on your Dune HD Media player!


*System Storage can be installed on empty Flash Memory (2 GB minimum) by using Dune setup menu.


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